Saturday, December 22, 2007

Baby it's cold outside!

We went to see Santa on Thursday after school. For 7 years now I have taken my camera and just snapped pictures while blonde rascal chatted with the jolly big guy. However this year there were "No camera" signs posted all over Santa's lair. So as I stood in line fuming over the racket that is Santa pictures I decided to just let him talk to Santa and no pictures. As we inched closer to Santa I was waging a battle in my mind, sensible vs. sentimental...."we don't need a silly picture....yes we do, this may very well be the last year the little guy believes in Santa." The sentimental part of me won! But seriously, look how cute he is (my son, not Santa)! That was worth $19.99 for 2 rinky dink 5x7's! Right?

I made the master grocery list last night and was at the Super Wal-Mart at 8:30 this morning. Smart move on my behalf, if I do say so myself, because it was not crowded, yet. I am set. I will not leave the house again until the 26th! Yeah! Yippee!I have to finish one gift today, make cookies for Santa, balance the check book (yikes) and pay all bills....then I am on easy street! No thinking, no lists, no errands... I am done. I am eating, drinking, lounging around, laughing and being merry until 2008!

It is 30 degrees, flurrying and the wind is ferocious with a bitter wind chill factor. We had firewood delivered yesterday, got "A Christmas Story" on pay-per-view last night. Of course we DVR'd it......and we are watching it again, per blonde rascal, this morning! Add to all of this Shabee Chick's homemade hot chocolate, dang folks go and get that recipe, it is really and creamy! That is how it is going down today....sugar both in baked and liquid form, fire in the fireplace and the ultimate Christmas movie of all time!

Need a last minute cheap, or it would sound better to say inexpensive, gift? Check these out...

Cute ornaments! So fun and easy! I got the idea off of some, no doubt brilliant and creative, person's blog but forgive me as I don't remember who it was in order to give credit. Glass ornaments, scrapbook paper & sticker letters and a little ribbon. Blamo~ quick, easy and cheap!!!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Well I dont know who's blog you stole that ornament idea from but it's adorable!!!! I need to print out your photo so I dont forget for next year. LOL!!!
Love the Santa photo and isn't it ridiculous about the no photo taking?? PLEEZZEEE!!!!
Merry Christmas!

Meredith said...

LOVE the picture and the ornaments...

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas Brooke!!