Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome home, hero!!

We loaded up the car early last Wednesday and drove to North Carolina. West Texas to North Carolina. I will spare you the details of how grueling and devastatingly long THAT took.

After a flight around the world from Afghanistan, The Marine was scheduled to be back at Camp Lejuene around noon on Friday.

They had a welcome area set up in a maintenance bay on the base. Lots of eager family and friends waiting for their soldiers!How precious is that little guy waiting for his daddy?

Blonde rascal was anxiously awaiting his brother's arrival too...
There was some cool machinery and things that go boom for us to look at while passing the time.

Some brass walked around and met the families and thanked us for letting him borrow our son.That was pretty nice, we thought.

They told us the bus was on its way. They had to stop first at the armory to turn in their guns (thank goodness) and then go to medical and get blood drawn. Finally that was done and here they came.

I couldn't help snapping a picture of this little girl in her cute dress...obviously waiting for her daddy.

The bus pulled in.......and I could not help snapping another picture, that little girl's daddy was the first one off the bus.SO heartwarming, even though I did not know these people. That started my tears flowing!

At last after nine tough months, there was the face we had been hoping and praying to see again!Ahhhh....Thank God!

He grabbed his bags.......and we were out of there. We really did ask if we could help carry anything!
Blonde rascal did strap on one back pack.

I was a little scared to touch anything....The Marine affectionately called what we were smelling "the smell of deployment" was strong to say the least!

That didn't stop blonde rascal from trying on a few things!

We enjoyed getting to spend the weekend with him. He had some incredible pictures and even more incredible stories. It is somewhat amazing that any of them come out of it alive. Keep praying for those brave men and women over there still fighting for us!

Feels good to sleep peacefully again now that he is safe. Feels good to be out of the dang car too!!! No more road trips for me any time soon!


Anonymous said...

Let me just say thank you to your husband for serving our country. As for you I can't imagine what all you have to go through being married to someone in the military but thank you for all that you do as well so that men like your husband can serve our country. May God richly bless your family

Brooke said...

Sarah you are a sweetheart, thank you for your kind sentiments!! That is my 22 year old son (step-son) who is the Marine! I imagine it would be equally gut wrenching to have your husband/father of your children fighting the war. I am sure being in Iraq & Afghanistan for 9 months aged our boy...or do I just look young, she says as she flips her hair over her shoulder.... *Giggle,snort*

Lori E. said...

Oh, Brooke, you know you just look like you are married to a 22 year old. And....yeah, it is not fair. Love the pictures and yes, it made me tear up. I will say it again......He is a testimony and I am so, so happy for you all.

Anonymous said...

thank you to your family for their service. God Bless him and glad he is home safe.

kristen lewis said...

That picture of that little girl with her daddy absolutely broke my heart. Such brave men.

Mary said...

Oh my goodness, that picture of the little girl and daddy made me have some big tears in my eyes!! Wow, I'm sure that was so powerful. Thanks to your marine for all he did and will continue to do for us!

Amy said...

Wonderful post!
Sometimes we all need a jolt of reality to remind us that not only do the men and women of the armed forces give up so much of their lives, but their families give up just as much to send them off for months/years at a time!

Enjoy your time together and please "wash that deployment right out of his hair!" LOL

Regina said...

Wow Brooke, your posts made me feel like I was standing there waving an American Flag and welcoming home these amazing men and woman. I'm so happy and proud that he's back home. Please thank him from our family for his time and dedication that he used to protect us. May your days ahead be filled with relaxation, laughter and memorable moments!!!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

So glad to see the Marine home. Please tell him thank you from us. I hope you had a joyous Easter together. All your pictures made me a little choked up. Thank you for sharing and reminding us of the faces of those making the sacrifice both away and at home.

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

Hi Brooke - I swang by to say hi & this post was killing me. I could have bawled over it - so touching!! I agree with Sarah - you look young enough to be his wife I think :)

Oh - I'm also very jealous of your quilt shack! I don't quilt, but I'd love something like that!!


Martha said...

Oh man! I'm SO glad he is safely home!!!! I've got to admit, that little girl and her Daddy made my tears come too. Thanks to your son for his service!!

And, YES. You look like you're 22. You go, girl!

trish said...

Hey Brooke!
Oh gosh, those pictures really tugged on my heart. Please tell your step son that we appreciate (so very much) his service over seas. I know you have to be so happy to have him home and safely with you.
Sincerely ~ Trish

Katmom said...

hey Brooke,
thanx for peeking into my blog & thank you for sharing your lovely photos. I grew up on Military Bases, daddy was career Army so I really appreciate our military people.
In fact I got my Natralization/Citizenship in Killeen TX. My hubbies family hails from Athens TX & Flower Mound TX. so I especially love seeing pics of TX....
Thanx again oh & love your "quilting Shack".

Foresterclan said...

Ok I didn't read all the comments.... but I have to admit that I teared up too! I always do! I am so proud of your Marine!