Saturday, March 20, 2010

Month 3 of "2010 The Year of Quilts"

I started January off by making 2 quilts. An easy, easy pattern that has jumped to the top of my favorite quick quilt patterns.

Aunt Gay tipped me off to this pattern, it is a spin on a Wrapping Paper Quilt pattern.In a nutshell... you cut strips varying between 2" and 4". Adhere fusible batting to your backing. The stroke of genius is that as you sew your strips together, you sew them to the backing. Poor explanation I know, but what it boils down to is you are quilting as you attach your strips. Makes for a fast, cute quilt!

I made two for my new twin nieces, Hadley & Isabelle!

The backing of this one was too cute... cowgirls.

I also made a wall hanging for their nursery.

It was super quick and so fun. I don't have much need to sew girly stuff at my house, so I love the opportunity to make girl gifts!

In February, I finished my parent's Christmas present. Sadly, I DO mean their Christmas 2009 present!!!! Ridiculous I know, but they are my parents so they love me anyway!

I had all the blocks completed for this quilt, it was a 2008 $1.00 a month club at my LQS. Then came 2009 and moving/starting a new business....who has time to quilt through all that. The center block was a huge ornate applique. I think that is what made me put this quilt on hold, I knew the applique would take forever.

To remove some stress from my quilting life, I determined that the applique center was not needed! Not a pattern I would normally choose, but oh what I learned. Some of these blocks were very challenging, which greatly boosted my confidence as a novice quilter.

Now I have only one U.F.O. (unfinished object) in my sewing stash. It is going to be a Christmas present....a 2010 present thankyouverymuch!

I do have quite a few projects to start (AND finish!), waiting patiently on my newly organized quilty shack shelves. I plan on making a dent on those in 2010. If I do one a month, whew I'll be in good shape. Then I can buy more fabric in 2011!! Sounds like a plan, a good plan.


Colleen said...

Your quilts are going to be so loved by your nieces! Lucky little girls for sure. The sampler quilt is so pretty, no one would ever guess you havent been quilting long. The colors are so soft and very restful.

kristen lewis said...

Ummm, you lost me at "adhere fusible backing to your batting." Seriously, I think that you are a genius.

Angie said...

Yeah. I gotta go with Kristen on this one. You got mad skillz my dear.

Lori E. said...

Very cute quilts!!!!! Mad skillz indeed!

Mary said...

A novice??? Plllleeeaaasssee!! Whatever! You're an expert.