Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday morning at the junk store

Blonde rascal and I headed out Saturday morning for the junk store. Whoot! Sale sign!

It was $5 day. Fill a grocery bag for $5. Blonde rascal and I scored a gold mine for $10. It appears to also be"drive your weird color truck to the junk store" day. Honestly, yellow and orange in the same parking lot at the same time. Odd.

That blonde rascal, he knew there would be payoff for him.You didn't think he would go with me for nothing, did ya?

Oh, and then there was this....
The coffee shop was the only thing shaking on the sleepy little town square.

We made a quick stop at the grocery store.Yippee....see the boxes, little girls? Score. Girl Scout Cookies.

Followed by a visit to the hardware store.I probably don't need to tell you what happens when a horse kicks a faucet in a pasture. It involved a flood and then hubs doing his least favorite He sent me to the hardware store with a list of pieces parts.

We finally made it home and unloaded my loot...

A simple pitcher. Always good for fresh flowers.

Check out this nightmare...I have plans though, assuming I can get the glass dome off. It is glued down. I ran a razor knife, over and over, around the bottom to try to cut the glue. Then heated it with the hair dryer. Tried a little Goo-Gone and the razor knife again. No go. Any suggestions?

Some cute pink cloth napkins,
Some pegs,Hello? We have a swimming pool. Never enough places to hang towels. (Really, who am I kidding? I could have 7 miles of hooks and there would STILL be towels thrown on the ground) A quick coat of spray paint and those will be good to go.

Look at these monsters...Wicked medieval/1970's wall sconces. I have big plans for these bad boys.

Frames and plaques just screaming for a makeover....
Red polka dots, need I say more?
3 little wall shelves... Again, spray paint and good to go.

No brainer....Turquoise dishes. Love.

Lastly was this doozie....Oh dear. I feel pretty certain this was ugly when it was brand spankin' new.

However, a surgical removal of all fake greenery and fruit was all it needed. That and a little paint, candles and some ribbon for flair.

The polka dot jar found a home on the kitchen counter holding my most used utensils.

Blonde rascal then commandeered the camera.
Just look at me, the bizarre smirk on my face is from the joy of hunting for $10 worth of treasures that just need a little imagination and spray paint! (I have no idea what Missy's excuse for being bizarre and smirking is, she sleeps all day for cryin' out loud!)

Really, you know what's even more fun than rummaging through junk? Rummaging through junk with my favorite little man. Laughing, talking, being silly and treating him to a Saturday morning donut. That is bliss!

I copy my ideas from other brilliant need to strain my own brain power, right? Go get some inspiration at Metamorphosis Monday!


Stacey said...

What fun! You are so creative! Love it! Very inspiring to get off my booty and be productive!

mary'smom said...

So many good deals!

Lori E. said...

$10...for real?? I love the wall sconces and I love the little candle-holder thing. Very cute!!! Was that all at the junk store you, me and Mary went to? I need to come to S-town. Well, I will be for track and a tennis tournament soon. Hmmmmmmm. You have inspired me again. Probably won't do anything with it....but I am inspired. :-)

Angie said...

BLAST you and your creative and amazingly talented little self! How do you make all that junky junk clunky stuff look so darn cute?!

Mary said...

I'm with Lori! Inspired, but won't be productive! You are just talented. You need to get yourself to Lubbock and have lunch with us. Haven't seen you in forever!

Donna Rafferty said...

Wow - you made out like a bandit!

I'd love to go junking with you - you know where the bargains are.

I ADORE the candle holder makeover!

Happy Met Monday!

Sherry said...

What a great concept...$5.00 per bag. I could do some damage in that store! You found some great bargains.

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

So many fabulous finds. The wall sconces are great and I love how you transformed that sad candelabra into sensational!


kristen lewis said...

If I give you $100 will you come help my house? Seriously, I do not have your knack.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Holy cow! You got all that and gave me some inspiration for $10????? I ADORE how the little candleabra turned out. I'm not sure I would have seen the potential there. The red and aqua look marvelous together. You go girl!

And, just one more thing, what exactly are you going to do with the 1970s wall sconces? I've just gotta' know!