Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Quilty Shack

The Quilty Shack is organized!! What a feat. I spent a lot of time last weekend cleaning it out.

The previous owners built the shack before they put the house on the market, so it still feels new. (Same thing with the pool, put in the summer before we bought the house. Wish they would have waited and NOT done that!! Bloody pool.)

Back to the shack. Previous owner wife ( very young couple, cute, cute girl...and interestingly enough we are in the same Sunday School class with her parents and have become really good friends with them. Love this small town.) Anyway, wife cuts hair. They adopted a sweet baby girl and she didn't want to go to the salon anymore, so they built the shack so she could cut hair at home.

Here it is when we viewed the house for the first time....
I was sold.

Yep, that's blonde rascal. Making himself at home. I am pretty sure he helped himself to a gumball or something too.

When we first moved, of course it was a disaster because I took the contents of my sewing room in the old house and DUMPED it. I was so thrilled with the delight of having my own free standing little sewing room, that I "cuted" it up and wanted it to be all sweet and cozy. Then I worked on a quilt or two and realized that the SMALL sewing room needs to be waaaayyy more functional than cute.

So, I paired down the furniture that was in there and added a little more storage space. Now, I just love it. Want to marry it.

Welcome! Come in....

This is the wall on the right when you walk in...See, function is more important than cute.

I did manage to squeeze in some cute. A favorite antique that now holds crafty supplies...

Topped with a sweet saying a dear family friend made when B.R. was born. A cute pic of baby B.R. and a pic of The Marine and I at Disney World 13 years ago. Not to mention my favorite Willow Tree piece, which my dear M-I-L gave me.Ohhh and one of my favorite childrens book...The Quiltmaker's Gift. Darling story.

I took some old Singer instructional books that belonged to hub's grandmother and framed the covers.

I also now have a roomie.

It's Jingles and he is man enough to sit on my pink shag rug.

Jingles and Val, RIP, were our house cats at our old house. When we moved to this house, and there was no ideal litter box spot, so both cats got moved to the big insulated barn.

Then when Val went to the big litter box in the sky two weeks ago, we could not leave lonely Jingles in the huge barn by himself. So he became a resident of the Quilty Shack.
I got a groovy chair at the junk store ($5 thankyouverymuch) and threw an old quilt over it for Mr. Jingles.

This is the space behind the door to the left.Hubs built a window seat for Jingles. Awwwww.

There is a tiny little bathroom.
I found a cute picture (duh, at the junk store) for the bathroom.

Remember these pegs from my last $5 a bag trip to the junk store?
BAM! A coat of spray paint.The Quilty Shack also serves as a pool house in the summer. (Bloody pool)

I remember this shelf hanging in my childhood house.My Dad brought it to me when they last visited, knowing how I like old stuff. Then he told me he made it!!! I never knew that. So now I love it even more. The book on the shelf, "Brookie and Her Lamb" is a book that my Mom read to my brother and sister when they were little. She decided that, if they ever had another baby and it was a girl, she liked the name Brooke. Well guess what...I came along a few years later and I am Brooke (or still Brookie to my Mom!). We found the book on Ebay a few years back. Anyway, quick shot of spray paint to the shelf and pink knobs, good to go.

My sewing corner.
Projects waiting to happen....
Cutting and ironing area...The old wooden ironing board also belonged to hub's grandmother.

My one true love...
The Pfaff. Sigh. My sweet Aunt Gay made the "sewing machine place mat", if you will. Hard to see in the picture but it has clear little pockets in the front.....perfect for my seam ripper and Carmex! Love it.

Best part about sitting at my sewing machine is the view....I can look out at the pool....wait for it....bloody pool. I look at it and dream I am on vacation, looking at a sparkly pool, a pool owned and maintained by someone else!!

Here is the front of the quilty shack now, in all its winter dreariness. I painted the door. Need a cute bench or something AND some flowers. It is all on the list.
For Mother's Day I want a screen door... a slamming, wooden screen door. That would be perfect for the quilty shack, right?

There it is in a nutshell, my heaven on earth! Come and visit!

Peace out and meow.


Meredith said...

I am utterly jealous! A little place of your own! I would kill for my own little spot. You've done a lovely job. Please post more pics as you work there this spring...

Angie said...

Love it! Stock it w/ a pillow, some cookies, and a box of tampons and you would never have to leave! Sigh. I want a shack.

Amy said...

So Jealous!!

GREAT sewing room!!

Can't wait to see what all you create in your new space!

Lori E. said...

You have been very busy, for crying out loud!!!!! Adorable, adorable!!! My favorite thing about it all is Mr. Jingles has been welcomed back into the family. And D. built a window seat? My heart!! Everything else is perfect. I do not understand, nor do I want to learn quilting, but it is awesome that you do. P.S. build a shack Angie!!!!!

Mary said...

I do want to come see it!! Anyone up for a road trip, girlies??

Regina said...

Brooke, i'll be in your neck of the woods on May 1st seeing my grandpa. Please send me your phone number on my e-mail because I would love to see you if even for 30 minutes. It will be a quick quick trip. My sister's flying in from Florida to Lubbock and then just a day trip to Snyder to see grandad. My e-mail is Sure hope to see you and your cute shack!!!!!! Luv ya, Gina