Friday, March 5, 2010

Random thoughts and a farewell

Another busy week goes it just me, or do they all seem busy?

A skunk sprayed my car. Seriously, my car. We live in the middle of nowhere and he gets my car? Miles and miles of country....yet my car is the target. Nice. Smelly Volvo, it's how I roll.

I went to the library this week. Grabbed a book off the shelf, one I had wanted, and checked it out. Turns out it is the large print edition. Who knew? I kinda like that huge print. So easy to read. I'll be heading to the geriatric section every time I go to the library now.

I have had an eye infection of some sort, thinking maybe it stemmed from a cold I had last month. The infection cleared up, but eyes still red. Now, corneas irritated and swollen. Corneal edema.... again with the who knew? Currently hoppped up on eye drops for that. I have not been able to wear my contacts for the past 3 weeks and I have seen the eye dr. like 100 times. It is finally clearing up thank goodness. I am incredibly irritated by wearing glasses. Should be cleared to wear contacts in a few days. Yay. Glasses make me downright grumpy.

Blonde rascal told me the other day that Google was not doing very well. What?? He told me he had been looking at the stock market on his iPod Touch when he goes to bed. What???

The Marine will be coming home from Afghanistan in about 2 weeks. Thank you Jesus. God bless our soldiers.

I had to have my cat put to sleep today. Hard day. Sad heart for me. He was 14 years old. My Valentine. Hubs gave him to me on our 2nd Valentine's Day as a married couple. Hubs was a police officer at the time and worked the evening shift, getting off duty at 11p.m. I got off work at 5 p.m. so kitten Val was my source of entertainment in the evenings.

14 years of sweet memories. Val perfected the aloof "cat-ittude" as the years went by."I am not paying any attention to you, I will not acknowledge your lowly presence"

Our 4 legged fur balls grab hold of our hearts, don't they?

Rest in peace, buddy. Valentine~ 1996 - 2010


kristen lewis said...

I am so sorry about your baby. I missed you tonight.

Mary said...

I know exactly how hard it is to say bye to those friends of ours. I feel your pain. I have to say that blonde rascal is funny.....checking the stock market???!!!

Lori E. said...

Oh my heart....again.....I did not know that Val, was short for Valentine. I have to turn my thoughts to Zach checking the stock market before going to bed. That is funny!!