Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shout out

How about a shout out to Craigslist? I am addicted, I mean seriously. I am stalking 3 pieces of furniture right now.

One is way too expensive. Too expensive on Craigslist to me, is over $75. It is the perfect chair and ottoman for a little reading corner in the "new" house. I can look at it and dream, right?

One is a chest of drawers that is desperately needed for b.r.'s closet. I am tired of schelpping around his out of season clothes, on and off the shelves in his closet in big plastic totes. When the weather is so weird...22 one day and 71 the next...I need easy access to all seasons.

Another is a cool curio cabinet that could be fabulously shabbied up.

I bought a set of 6 dining room chairs that I got before X-mas and I need to paint and recover them. I also got 2 completely cool funky chairs for the guest bedrooms....$15 bucks a piece. Hubs thinks they are wretched. Wait until he see the finished product! I'll have to show them soon.

Anyway, I got these 2 lamps on Monday for $10. Yes, 2 for $10! You can't even top that at Wally World!(Please disregard the mess on the dining room table. I could have pushed it aside...but just keeping it real.)

I think they are pretty cute like they are...but on the other hand the paint and lampshade re-do potential is pretty high.

On the agenda today is starting the Valentine goodies for blonde rascal's class. When he gets home from school there will be lots of gluing, chocolate dipping and such ready for his little hands!

There has been lots of flu junk going around town and I have been nursing an ugly headache for about 24 hours. I am NOT getting the flu, though. I just thought I would throw that out there. Even though the 3 sweet neighbor girls that we carpool with all had it...

I am off to main line a Lysol and orange juice concoction.


Sara said...

Ooooh, I'm lovin' those lamps! Great find! I too stalk Craigslist!

Handmade Housewife... said...

Cute finds! I have luck selling on Craigslist but the one time I tried to buy I got stood up...the nerve. Hubs does really great at both though. I've read several bloggers say that some kind of icky sickness is floating around their places. We've got some kind of crud in GA. Hope you're feeling better soon :)


Angie said...

Super cute lamps! And good luck w/ the not flu. Maybe it's only a Craigslist hangover.

Meredith said...

I need to stalk Craigslist more often. There was desk there I was really interested in but it had already been snatched up and the listing still posted. DRAT!

NO FLU!! I will send healthy vibes your way!!

kristen lewis said...

Would you come decorate my house for me too?

Mary said...

You are just amazing....and healthy!!

Martha said...

Lalalaloooove those lamps, girl!