Saturday, February 7, 2009

By a landslide

It is unanimous...Tobacco Road is the winner! Thanks for all of your input and tips. You guys rawk.

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning out/packing the built in, in the breakfast area and the hutch in my dining room. Good grief. What I found was mass disorganization. So I made copious notes of things that must be grouped together when we move and ALL storage is uber organized.

For example. Candles. What the crap? I found at the very least one candle in every drawer, shelf, cabinet. Then there was holiday paper plates/napkins. I am a sucker for the after holiday 90% off sales when you can get cute paper plates for nothing. But what good are they if I never know where they are/forget I have them when the holiday rolls around?

Also included are salt and pepper shakers. And a new category, pool side plastic ware. A happy category indeed! I saw a whole collection of colorful summer-ish plastic plates at Goodwill...that will hopefully still be there after I scrape all of the coins out from under the couch cushions. Remember, we are getting granite, so my decorating budget is...exactly what I can find in the cushions!!!

While I was dutifully working, I couldn't help but stop to photograph the lazy miniature weenie dog napping on blonde rascal's bean bag...
What a life. I loathe using the flash unless 100% necessary, so I am still trying to master keeping the camera steady to avoid blur. I have a nifty tripod...but sometimes that hinders spur of the moment shots.

Then I decided to switch to my ultra cool big momma lens...Admit it, Missy is beeeeeeutiful! Still a little blurry so how about outside for some natural light shots?

Oh geez, sorry....a bathroom break.

Ahem. Moving on.... she goes down for a roll in the grass.
Shake your booty.

And then here she comes.......looking like a low rider wooly mammoth!

Last night hubs and I went to a wine tasting party at the home of some good friends. It was seriously fun. We sampled lots of wine while snacking on cheese, chocolate, meat and fruits that complemented each wine.

I was feeling all civilized, cultured and chic...until hubs asked the wine guru if Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill would be complimented by Frito's. You might be a redneck...

(Be honest, raise your hand if you drank a little Boone's Farm in your minor days!)

We are going to the "new" house today to tear out all the flooring which will be replaced (by professionals thank goodness) with wood floors. You know, a little sweat equity. I suspect our bodies, specifically backs, will be hurt by this project. Send Tylenol.


Lisa Boyer said...

Adorable pix of Missy! What a sweetie. Good luck with the packing!

Tricia Anne said...

What cute pictures and description of your dog! :o) I can't wait to see how your new home is coming together. :o) Especially with the flooring and paint! How cool is that! I like DIY projects, but when my husband closed in our car port for a bedroom, we hired someone to lay the carpet. :o) It was worth every dime! :o)
Have a great weekend!!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Handmade Housewife... said...

OMG I can't believe there is another person out there that eats Fritos with wine...although I haven't had Boones Farm since college!! My jaw dropped open when I read that, too funny! Your pooch is adorable. Happy packing :)


kristen lewis said...

I am so proud of all of your hard work. And even though I am not a dog person, Missy is pretty cute!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

My hand is raised for the Boones farm. WOOHOOOOOOOO Loved it back in the day!!!
That sleeping dog is hysterical!!

adrienne said...

Hey Quilty Chick- I love your blog. Wanted to know if you have ever been to Classy Country? It is a store in the mall in Lubbock. I went to a show this weekend and the store had a booth there. I didn't buy anything but they have some fabulous and fun art. (heart with wings, leopard print hearts, peace signs... cool stuff!) Just wanted to pass on a great find. You'll need to save all the change under the cushion for this though. Have a great week!

Meredith said...

Missy is the cutest!!

I can't wait to see the room all painted and pretty.

We're getting hardwood floors next week... and I have to pack up my hutch this week to move breakables out of the room. I dread it like crazy!

Have a great day!!

Meredith said...

Oh and I TOTALLY enjoyed me some Boone's back in the day!! Embarassingly so!!