Friday, February 13, 2009

It's fun to be a copy cat!

I have "co-room mothered" with the same 2 moms since 1st grade. At every holiday party for the class, they roll their eyes at me and grumble while asking what cute thing I made this time. I am always 100% honest and say I copy ideas right off the internet.

I don't get specific and give them blogs to go find....I mean seriously, I don't need another mom trying to one up me!

But I will tell you guys, cuz I'm nice like that!

Chris at Just a Girl posted this idea and it struck my fancy because blonde rascal's adorable teacher is a germ-o-phobe deluxe. What is not to love about a teacher that always has a Clorox Wipe in her hand? Stomach bug be gone!

In a moment of grandeur I decided to make Bakerella's cake balls as blonde rascal's Valentine treats for his classmates . Mine looked nothing like hers, but they are oh-so-good. Rich beyond belief but undeniably yummy! Oh, and I should mention....e-a-s-y!

Blonde rascal glued the Valentine tags together and we were done. Our contribution to the sugar crazed holiday.

Just a few hours of laundry and straightening the house and then I am bravely going to his class party...aka the sugar frenzy.

Go forth and be a copy cat today!


Angie said...

What in creation are cake balls? This sounds like something with which I should be acquainted...and soon.

Mary said...

You know, I just don't think that I am artistic enough for something to look that cute even if I copy...

southern queen bee said...

How very cute. I know just what you mean, when my kids were small I always wanted something cute yet cheap to make.Oh the memories I have. I remember staying up half the night making snowman stockings (could not buy those at a big box store). They did not have the internet and for sure no blogs (sad to think, huh?). Have a sweet valentines day

Tricia Anne said...

What a fun day! Everything looks great!! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Lori E. said...

You are a queen bee, that ALL was too cute!!! I don't even think I could copy cat that. THAT is why you are so busy for crying out loud. AND, I love the lamps on the previous post!!!!!!

Lori E. said...

PS, I just looked at the cake ball recipe and in NO WAY should that be termed "Easy" Martha!!!!! I demand a retraction!!!!!