Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm still alive...I think.

Be forewarned that due to my exhaustion this post will be full of completely random and unrelated information. It is also possible that it will be infested with grammatical error. Don't say I didn't warn you.

In a nutshell, all of my time has been spent packing up, de-cluttering and prepping our house for sale. Then we go to our "new" house and unload, into the barn, all of the crap we packed up. Then I paint. And paint.

I am worn out. My lower back is done. I feel like I am walking like our UPS man. He walks with his upper body kind of at an his lower back hurts....

I have man hands as a result of all my recent manual labor. I told hubs that there was a massage/mani/pedi coming to me at the end of all this nonsense. Like a smart man he said "whatever you want dear"

To top it all of I have had the sneezes/runny nose. It could be spring allergies, but I suspect it is from all the dust I am stirring up. Makes me think I should do a thorough cleaning on a more regular basis.

I moved the treadmill from the guest bedroom to the newly repurposed "office" which used to be my sewing room. Heaven knows the hell hole of a mess that was my sewing room could not be alive while showing our house! Our 4th bedroom has been officially staged as an office/treadmill room. From the 10.5 million hours of HGTV I have watched over the years, I know that each room needs to have a clearly defined purpose when selling your house.

I ran 3x this week, which I was happy with considering my ailments. The swaying of the hips while running actually loosens up the lower back and it ends up feeling better....after the first excruciating minute or so. To add to my cleaning a little more often list, which I can honestly say I did not notice until I moved it, the sweat splattered dust encrusted film on the treadmill. I don't have my contacts in when I run in the morning...good excuse for not noticing it before, right? Disgusting.

Our house should be ready to show by next week. We are hoping to sell it quickly and not have to list it. Now, I know Realtors need love too, but dadgum we are trying to save money. We have some friends who when we first mentioned moving were very interested in buying our house. But, sadly they have decided it is not the right time for them. Now we have a few other people who might be interested due to word of mouth. Namely from our neighbor's and MIL's mouths. (I think they are anxious for us to move or something?!) Dear friends please pray that God will send a buyer our way!!!!

Hubs has been out of town at a conference since Tues. and will be back tomorrow. A little blonde rascal has slept in our bed all week as a result. Tonight b.r. is spending the night with a friend so I am about to go park my happy self in bed and possibly rent a movie....I think that Diane Lane/ Richard Gere chick flick is on pay per view.

I talked to the Marine this morning. He is stationed at Camp Lejuene, which is where Pres. Obama was speaking at this morning. So I called to ask him if he was guarding The Big Boss. He said in fact, no. His company had just returned from the "e course"....what? He forgets he is talking to a civilian...that is the survival course. He went on to explain that for like 55 minutes they RAN through this course, in full combat gear carrying a pack and a weapon through thigh deep mud, a chin deep freezing cold swamp and finished it off by crawling under barb wire.

He said he was bleeding, exhausted and smelt horrible.

I do believe that being a Marine is payback for his teenage years. HA! Ho ho ho har har ha!

Anyway he said that security on base today was NUTS. Obama had just landed when I was talking to him. He said there were fighter jets flying all over the base. He said it was pretty cool.

In a completely unexpected turn of events, I am about to make it big on Ebay. This is it folks, we are about to hit pay dirt, bigger than the lotto. Yep. You see in all my cleaning out, I came across a little gem in blonde rascal's room.

A baseball signed by Pete Rose! I realize that Pete spelled his own name wrong, not to mention used what appears to be a pink highlighter, but considering he is an alcoholic...or was it steroids...or gambling....or all stands to reason that he would spell his name wrong!

I scored an unbelievably wonderfully sweet antique little dresser and chest on Craigslist this week. I could just die I love it so. I haven't taken a picture yet, sorry. I will get on that. AND I will begin to post remodel of the "new" house pictures....when I have the time. In about 6 months.

I am kidding! I promise. Please come back to see me again before 6 months.


Tricia Anne said...

Ironically, last night I was thinking about you and wondering if all was well (great comfort coming from someone you never met in real life huh? smile). I can imagine you are super busy!
I laughed about the Marine. When my husband's little brother was in the Marines, he would tell us that he came back from those trips smelling like a goat! :o) That was funny in itself-for a city girl. Living in the country, I now KNOW what a goat smells like! EW! :o)
That is awesome about your Peet Rose ball. :o) Too cool!
I wish I could have helped in the painting department. :o) Plus packing and hauling! :o)
Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoyed a night off to relax!
See you in 6 months then! ha ha ha
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Angie said...

Wow. Marines are tough. You typed about running for 55 minutes and several of my internal organs immediately shut down in protest. I am such a weenie.

The Peet Rose autograph is priceless!

Mary said...

'Bout time you got back to blogging....not like you've been busy or anything lately....

Stacey said...

Great to hear from you! All of your house stuff sounds so fun, can't wait to see pictures! Hang in will be all worth it.

Organized Chaos said...

The Peet Rose baseball made me LOL. That is too, too cute.

kristen lewis said...

Walking like the UPS man. You kill me!

Autum said...

That Peet Rose ball will likely bring enough on ebay, you won't even have to worry about selling your house!
Casey is at Camp Lejuene for MCT school.

Lori E. said...

We have the same Peet Rose baseball in our sports memorabilia case. I can attest that it is legit!!! You are in the $$$$$ sister-friend!! Also, to get you back for ALL the hard time you give me.....I have to give you a hard time about your HGTV time put in, is paying off with your knowing how to "stage" your house.