Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thou shalt not covet.

But you will.

A few weekends ago MIL and I went to visit hub's aunt and uncle in Weatherford.
We had a grand time, as we always do.

Dear sweet talented Aunt Gay, who I have mentioned before is my quilting muse, gave me the most wonderful quilt she made for our new house. And I should mention it is perfectly charming. And I completely adore it. And no you can't have it. (By the way, hubs still holds his Aunt Gay responsible for strong arming him into buying me what he considered a ridiculously expensive sewing machine. Man I love that woman....and my Pfaff)
You're kinda coveting right now aren't you?

I think I have read somewhere that it is ok to covet...handmade quilts.


Colleen said...

You are so right!!! I am coveting that gorgeous quilt. I love your blog and joined as a follower!

Tricia Anne said...

Oh boy! That is a beautiful quilt! Covet shmovet! :o)

Mary said...

I hardly even recognize your house! I've got to get down there to see it!! Lunch club in Snyder? Lori? Stacey?

Angie said...

Wow! Your house looks like a home now! Very cute...LOVE the quilt.

Amy said...

I am definitely coveting right now... maybe I should say some 'hail marys' right now... but wait I'n not catholic?

OH well... I'll just take my chances and covet away!

You know??? We still haven't seen any 'after' shots of the new house???

Meredith said...

Covet covet covet covet covet...

Tricia Anne said...

I'd love to know what type of sewing machine you have. I am sewing on a dinosaur of a machine, and though I am counting my blessings (at least I have a machine) I do one day want to invest in a much nicer one. :o)
You are so blessed to have such a beautiful quilting hanging on your wall, by a family member. Do you ever display your quilts? If so, how? I am still working on my first "real" quilt. Learning as I go. :o)
Have a great weekend Brooke.

Lori E. said...

I want to see more pictures of your house!!! It looks so adorable!! I love the quilty shack and your house just ROCKS!! You have been blogging....I am so far behind on everybody's blogs.