Monday, October 26, 2009

Eau du Toilette

It sounds so (did I spell it wrong?) sophisticated when spoken in French conjuring up images of a lovely perfume.

As opposed to here in West Texas where it would be, and especially in our case this week, "EWWWWWW... the toilet?"

At our house the past couple of months there has been this random waft of sewer odors on one end of the house. There was no rhyme or reason to when we would smell it, so we imagined it to be a vent pipe clogged up or something.

We are having family here for Thanksgiving so I wanted to rectify the random poo smell problem.

I called the plumber this past week and he crawled under the house, lucky man, only to find that the pipe to the master bath toilet had come loose.

Sewage under our house. Sewage that in a perfect world goes to the septic tank. That explains a lot, yes? I was mortified on so many levels. He said that the kitchen sink was tied in to all of that, so there was also food decomposing on top of the ewww the toliet!

He repaired that and the sewage smell is gone. Thank you Jesus.

In other news, thank you for all the prayers and kind wishes for our American Soldiers. After I posted that, we have not gotten any more phone calls reporting attack. Instead the Marine has told us interesting stuff. Like how it is so hot that he sat the instant mac-n-cheese, that I sent him, on the hood of his crane and within 10 minutes it was cooked. He also said that the Iraqi people are appreciative of the soldiers being there. And how the soldiers interact with the Iraqi children. That makes me feel good. He is being moved to Afghanistan in a few days...and that does not make me feel so good. More prayers.

Last weekend I experienced one of the best days of my life. covered up.
I will not think of that pool again for 4 or 5 months, when with much regret we uncover it again! Covering it was a major pain in our bottoms. It took all dadgum day as you can tell by the night sky in the after picture. Think trampoline like material being stretched over a body of water, with much of it sinking while trying to hook the springs down. Nightmare I tell you. Good thing we bought the house with the pool already there, because I hate to think HOW upset I would be if I had spent 30K or whatever it cost, on nothing more than a thorn in my side.

So, Thanksgiving at our house. The countdown begins. The honey do list is getting longer every day. Hubs loves that. My list is kinda worrisome. For starters I must recover my lovely lavender Craigslist chair & ottoman in my little reading corner.
I am terribly intimidated by this project. Wish me luck as I am starting on it today.


Mary said...

So glad that things are going better with Marine. It's good to hear of some of the gratitude of the Iraqi people. Heaven knows the media would never admit that! Thanksgiving is at my house as well, but I don't have a lavender chair to redo.

Lori E. said...

Please give details on how you did it, because I have a wing back chair I want to recover. So glad to hear about your soldier and that he is getting his mac and cheese in a memorable way. :-) And,...glad you got the ewww thing fixed, maybe that killed any stray scorpions that were thinking of coming in your casa.