Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's shaping up to be a great weekend.

Hi. It's me again. A month since my last post? That is terrible. So much to say, so little time.

I'll be brief.....12 million things on the list today. Including touring the original jail on our little town square. Riveting.

For Mother's Day I was so generously and kindly given a gift certificate for a spa day at the local spa. For a small town, we have a really nice, upscale, state of the art spa. Weird huh?

Anyway the day finally rolled around where a day at the spa fit into my schedule. Yesterday. I was so excited.

It started with a facial. Glory be. I believe that is what Heaven will be like. Streets of gold sound nice and everything, but seriously facials are where it's at.

Then on to a short stay in a sauna. With a bottle of water, that slipped out of my greasy hands (the facial included a hand and foot treatment) and made it look like I peed on the floor of the sauna.

Next up the massage. She first used some sort of belt sander like massager that was just out of this world. She said my shoulders were a mess of knots. Welcome to the last 6 months of my life lady. She had hot stones and hammers and all kinds of nonsense going on with those shoulders.

I was a limp noodle after that.

She left me at the end of the massage to go fill a deep claw foot tub with hot water and sea salts for me, to soak out the toxins she had just massaged out. She returns to retrieve me...with a big pina colada in her hand just for me. Oh mama.

I get out of the tub and go to get dressed, as it is now time for my mani/pedi. While I am getting dressed my phone rings and it is the school nurse telling me blonde rascal threw up. Nice. That is not appropriate talk for spa day.

Hubs was out of town, so I reschedule my mani/pedi (darn I have to go back) and take my pina colada breath self to the school to pick up my son. Classy.

B.R. was a reflux baby and so now he has a hypersensitive gag reflex. He was fine. He told me he had the hiccups and that made him throw up. You know the school does not care why, they just want the potential germs out of the building! I totally agree with that, so blonde rascal had a few extra hours of afternoon fun together.

Last night we went to the high school football game. B.R.'s school is t-i-n-y.... 6 man football. I had never seen 6-man. Wow, that is some crazy football. It is funny how 60 degrees in football stands feels like 40. I had a little blanket and was still cold! I am going to have to make an orange and black quilt for football games.

Hubs decided that he needed to get on a healthy eating plan. During the start up of our new business and moving....we have been eating like crap. Which let's be honest make you then feel like crap. He did some research and came across Jay Robb's diet. It nothing difficult, just healthy eating and eliminating processed food.

Hello? That is what we all should be doing. So I decided to jump on the bandwagon with him. This plan starts with a 3 day fruit flush. Sounds fun huh? Flushes out the toxins and food addictions/potential food allergies etc.. so they say. Day one is protein shakes every 2 hours and then veggies and protein for dinner. By the 2nd protein shake I was about to puke. Yuck. I stuck with it though and made it to day 2 and 3 where you eat fruit every 2 hours until dinner. I love fruit. Love it. But dadgum I was sick of fruit and SOO hungry.

Hubs lost 7 lbs after the 3 day fruit binge. I lost 2. Go figure.

Monday started just the healthy eating plan. Let me tell you how good we feel. Wow, who knew eating right would do that? It is remarkable. It is basically (all fresh) fruits, veggies and protein, with some natural fats thrown in.

I weighed this morning and had lost 5 lbs. this week. I have thankfully never had to diet, but could loose 15 lbs. if I wanted to be at my pre-pregnancy weight. Suppose I could do that by simply eating healthy! Duh.

The cool apart about this healthy eating lifestyle plan is that for one hour, on one day out of the week you can eat whatever the heck you want.

We have chosen Saturday nights as our free hour.

Do you know where we are going tonight? A wedding reception in the big city. Do you know that it is going to be down right embarrassing how much I consume in one hour tonight? I am going to be hunkered down over a plate for one hour shoveling food into my mouth. At least that is the "carrot on a string" that has been leading me all week. The sad part is that I am sure my stomach has shrunk and I will be full after 10 bites.

I will however, and this is a promise, be having cake. The brides cake, the grooms cake and whoever elses cake I can find.

I am going to make a complete spectacle of myself. Blonde rascal is entertained by this. He envisions his mom pushing people out of the way for food. It could happen.

Yep, it's shaping up to be a good weekend around here. How about you?


Mary said...

So sorry that your spa day got interupted, but glad B.R. is okay. Lots of nasty stuff going around. Enjoy that cake!

Angie said...

A spa day rocks! I could so use one of those. And some wedding cake too. I didn't get to eat any cake at my wedding (except that little piece you feed eachother for the camera) so I eat a piece of every cake available at weddings. Yum.

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