Friday, September 4, 2009


#1. Blonde rascal, while getting ready for bed the other night, asked when we were going to clean the house. I said "huh?" while looking around his bathroom which was clean, well relatively for the most part clean. He said "You know put all the papers, stuff and boxes away".
Hmmmm...good question.

#2. Took the Missy to the vet yesterday for shots. She was NOT impressed and they had to muzzle the little beast. She weighed in at 16 lbs. Ummmm.... miniature dachschunds technically max out at 10lbs. She is a healthy, solid little booger with lots of hair. Additionally she does run all the live long day (when she is not in someones lap) and we all know muscle weighs more than fat. She is just fluffy in my opinion.

#3. I firmly explained to hubs last weekend that my new work schedule at the office would be Monday and Wednesday. No questions asked. I indeed did work my scheduled days this week. Plus Thursday and Today. Appartently he misunderstood me. This schedule explains #1.

#4. I ordered an Ab Lounge Rocket something or other on Amazon today. (I AM "working" today, just in between blogging and ordering things on Amazon.) Since blonde rascal is 9 years old now, I have decided it is time for the baby bulge pouch thing to go away. I am thinking that after my runs in the mornings I can hobble over to the Ab Rocket and knock out a few crunches. That is the plan anyway. Supposidly the Ab Rocket massages your back while you are crunching. Sounds fab, I'll let you know how that works.

#5. I made Snickerdoodles yesterday to send to the marine. It will be interesting to see how long it takes the box to get there and if the cookies are anything more than crumbs at that point.
Snickerdoodles. Yum. (Explains the need for #4, being pregnant 9 years ago is kind of a lame crutch at this point, no?)

#6. The marine says that Iraq is hell. 130 degrees. He asked us to send him some Under Armour boxers. Apparently your drawers get a little sweaty in that kind of heat. I went to Amazon to order the boxers (see I was on Amazon for a good reason...the comfort and well being of our soldiers) and lordhavemercy Under Armour boxers are like $15 A PAIR. For those of you who know me as the frugal shopper, this was a painful purchase! But at this point I would do whatever the boy wants. So that was my legitimate reason for being on Amazon this morning....and we all know how ridiculously fun it is to browse on Amazon.

#7. I love how Fall is in the air. It is still in the 90's during the day, but the mornings on my porch....oh joy I can feel it coming. I am cold weather girl so I am anxiously awaiting those crisp days! (You too Mary?) I bought my favorite Yankee Candle this week....Pumpkin Spice. It is dreamy.

#8. I am just dying to start up my sewing again and put my quilty shack to good use. The poor cute little shack that looks exactly like it did when I moved all my sewing stuff into it, what 5 months ago? It is still a deplorable mess of boxes and stuff stashed and chaos. So sad. (See schmerk.)

#9. It is a long weekend! Yay! I WON'T be working this coming Monday. No sir! Thank you Labor Day!


kristen lewis said...

Do you think that under armour undies would help with my sweating issues?

Martha said...

I think Missy is just "sturdy".

Plus, that scale was probably out of whack, don't you think?

And anyway, who do those vets think they *are*, anyway?

Angie said...

I could use an Under Armour bra myself. Do they make those?

Lori E. said...

My boys love the under armour stuff. I would like to know where you think you have a pouch though, I think you need to send the Ab rocker thing my way!!

Mary said...

NO, I AM NOT READY FOR THE COLD!!! Thank you for thinking of me though!

Mary said...

Woman!! It's been almost a month since I've seen anything new on here from you. Where have you been??????