Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Creek Bed

In wandering around our property, blonde rascal discovered a little run off creek bed. He has since claimed it the ultimate boy space.

He took me to see it Monday after school. He was so proud of himself because he had chopped down a wayward branch with a little saw.
As we walked to the creek bed, the 3 amigos of course tagged along.

Bianca will follow blonde rascal to the ends of the earth. That is what she does...she is as loyal as the day is long.

Missy, on the other hand, while being somewhat loyal......came along mainly out of concern that Bianca will get more attention than she will.

Not to mention she is always looking for someplace new to get dirty.
The 3rd amigo, A.J., who thinks she is a dog, naturally joined in on the adventure.
Blonde rascal was investigating, he found some sort of wild gourd that he split open.

He claimed he felt kinda like Surviorman, we love that show at our house.

There were rocks to be moved... order to build car garages of course!
There was even some kissing going on in the creek bed....
We had to watch out for these......ouch!

A.J. was in a constant state of adorable kitten pounce readiness...
Blonde rascal played with his trucks......he was in heaven.

I sat there and soaked it all in. It was a beautiful afternoon, rather relaxing in that little creek bed. Blonde rascal chatted away happily. Telling me which of his cars would work the best in the dirt and slopes. How he wanted to put some r/c all terrain vehicles on his Christmas list, to drive in the creek bed. Perhaps we could build a fort down there where he could store his bb gun and a lantern and snacks. Campfires and tents were discussed.

It was time to start dinner and homework so he parked his cars in a hollowed out tree.
We headed back to the house, blonde rascal still chatting away and I felt supremely content. At that moment there is nowhere else in the whole world I would have rather been, than in that dried up creek bed with my favorite 9 year old.


Mary said...

Awww....he'll remember that day for a long time, you're a good mommy to hang out in the creek bed with him!

Lori E. said...

I LOVE it, what a perfect place for a boy to grow up, memories galore!! I am so glad you are blogging again, and so glad I can read blogs again. I love the blog before this too. So glad to know the "indoor" cats are doing well! It is cool that the treadmill is in the barn, you are getting fresh air, liking running outside, but then it is safer than running on the highways. You should measure out a cross country course, that would be cool. She says, as she sits on her behind typing.....

Amy said...

What a wonderful place for little boy adventures to begin! Such great memories are in the making for him.

Angie said...

Boy Heaven!!! Love it! Makes me nostalgic...that's how I grew up. I spent more time in the dirt, cactus, and caves than I did playing Barbies. I'm definitely thinking a fort is a must!!

Stacey said...

That is great! So fun! Boys heaven, and you are the sweetest mom to take it all in too. So awesome.