Monday, June 22, 2009

"One time, at church camp..."

Our bus caught on fire. Really it did. It was all good injuries, deaths, explosions or hysterics.

I didn't take my camera to camp...but this event totally warranted using my Blackberry camera. I mean, I have a blog to write and all.

We were about 6 miles from the camp and the engine starting smoking profusely. We were on the winding roads in the mountains of New Mexico, other vehicles were pulling onto the shoulder of the road because of the massive amounts of smoke we were producing. There were flames coming out of the engine, but we made it to the side of the road and evacuated the bus without incident. Praise God!

As the kids were exiting the bus, one boy ran by and excitedly said "This is so much better than last year!" That cracked us counselors up, it became our motto for the week.

It just so happens that where we pulled off on to the shoulder happened to be right in front of a cattle breeding facility...interesting. However, the scenery was gorgeous.

Blonde rascal monitoring the arrival of all the emergency vehicles.

We called the camp and they sent vans to retrieve us and we all made it safely to camp.

It was a great week and the kids naturally had a blast. Me? We had an awesome group of counselors...and we had a blast too!

I am glad to be home....and back to my regularly scheduled moving madness. However things are beginning to take shape....sort of.....around here so I hope to be back to blogging more often..... soon!


Mary said...

Whew! I didn't hear anything about that at church! Glad everything was okay.

Lori E. said...

So glad you made it back safe and sound and that you and B.R. have a memory to last a lifetime!!

Stacey said...

This really isn't what I need to read as my kiddo is leaving for church camp in 2 weeks. LOL! Just kidding, glad it was fun!!

Tricia Anne said...

Holy Cow! What an event! :o) Glad you are safe and everyone had a great time! What a story to tell! :o) Love it!

Sara said...

HAHA! This brings back memories of my days in the youth group. There was always atleast one time we had a crappy van that backfired, yeah we got pulled over and searched because the police thought we were doing a drive-by a church van!

Rachelle said...

I just love kids...they are so funny and often see the 'bright side'. Glad all were safe. I have lots of memories of bus break-downs when attending church camp~they still make me smile!