Friday, June 26, 2009

My first lesson in small town ways

We have moved, well I can't really consider the moving process complete since we still have stuff at the old house, so I'll say we are living in our new hometown of Snyder, TX. Population 10,000. Not tiny...but certainly smaller than anywhere I have ever lived. People say the bad thing about small towns is that everyone knows your business.

Hub's used car lot is booming, way more than he and his business parter ever expected this early in the game. It is a blessing, but they are exhausted and stressed out.

I, as I have prattled on about previously, am tired. Worn out by moving and all the craziness that ensues from it.

Yesterday I decided blonde rascal and I would run some errands for a little change of pace from the unpacking nightmare. We went to the library to get a library card, hardware store to get some dynamite filter sand and acid for the pain-in-my-arse-pool, post office, cool juntique store....

A hairdresser at the salon where MIL gets her do done, through casual conversation with MIL found out we were moving to Snyder and happened to have a good friend in Snyder, also a hairdresser. She claimed this hairdresser was a master at color. This was months ago, MIL gave me the woman's name and the salon she works at here in Snyder. Of course I have long since lost that written piece of info. I remembered the woman had a different name that started with an X and thought I knew where the salon was.

During our errands yesterday I decided to stop by that salon just to see if I could in fact find her. I am in desperate need of a cut and color, not to mention numerous other beauty routines that have fallen by the wayside during this move.

I found her there and much to my relief she had cool hair and good color. I told her about her friend in Lubbock recommending her and she asked what brought us to Snyder....a question that all locals ask. (Should I be concerned that they are questioning why we would move to Snyder?)

I told her that my hubs was the owner of the new car lot on 37th street. Everyone knows about that.

She said..."OHHHH y'all bought Kelby's house" Turns out Kelby (the previous owner of our home) who is also a hairdresser, used to work at that salon before they adopted a baby.

Then she said "You have a son...."

I said "yes, this is blonde rascal our 9 year old son."

Hairdresser: "No, I mean an older son"

Me: "We have a 21 one year old Marine"

Hairdresser: "Yes! I cut a girls hair who has been talking to him online"

Me: "Huh?" (Perplexed, thinking how can she know all this?!? The Marine had told us months ago that he found a girl from Snyder on Facebook that he had been talking to. That is how he rolls with the ladies, he has one in every city in the 48 contiguous. He has been gone over a year, way before moving to Snyder was even a thought in our brains....and he already has connections with the babes in town.....that's our boy.)

Happily for me, the hairdresser then told me that this girl is a great girl from a wonderful Christian family. Went on and on singing her praises. THAT made me happy, the Marine needs a good, morally upstanding, sane, I took note.

There it was, my first surprising lesson in the small town grapevine.


Mary said...

How funny! I can't wait to hear even more stories, I'm sure they will be coming!

Lori E. said...

That is halarious!!!! I am going to love hearing about all your adventures. That oldest boy of yours is a plaaaaaayer. In a good way. He just has a way with the ladies. Glad to know there is a nice girl in the picture. Gotta get the pool in shape for pool parties while he is home. I won't tell Amy she has been replaced. (lol)

Amy said...

TOO FUNNY!! That sounds about right for a small town in Texas. We live in Crandall - Population 1000 - and the business in Crandall is to know everyone's business! LOL

On the up side - at least you found someone to do your hair! That is top priority! Don't cha' know?

kristen lewis said...

I thought that this story was going somewhere else entirely. I am relieved.

Stacee said...

I thought he was engaged... must have skimmed down a few lines in my reading.

Stacey said...

Now that's funny. WOW, small small world. Thanks for a great story!

Autum said...

The place to get all the small town gossip is always the hair salon!

Angie said...

That is way funny! The world's gotten so small!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG that is hysterical!!! The joys of having children. AND the internet. So did you get your hair done??