Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An apology to our sons...

....because as of today when I visited the pool store (for the second time in 3 days I might add) I am pretty sure any hope of you inheriting any money from us went "down the drain", if you will.

Your Dad has taken apart and rebuilt the vacuum (more than once) like some kind mechanical wizard. Diagnosed why sand was spewing into the pool and then repaired it. I am pretty sure if the car business fails he has a shot as manager of a pool store.
The chlorine, acid, salt and algae eater we have poured into this pool would probably be a normal summer supply for at least 5 pools.
But not to worry boys, when your Dad and I die then YOU will be the proud owners of the green swamp!


kristen lewis said...

Ahhh, the adventures of the science experiment. I still think you should call that loser of a pool guy back out and make him earn his money.

Leslie said...

We affectionally call our pool the BUMP (big, ugly, money-pit). We were discussing with our teens yesterday the costs of pool chemicals and helping them "do the math" to realize that they have to swim EVERY SINGLE SUMMER DAY to pay for the cost of chemicals alone.
But it sure is nice when the kids are gone & Dr. Love & I take a little dip!

Amy said...

WOW!! Good luck with that!!

Hope you get it up and swim-able quickly! It's JULY!!! POOL TIME? How depressing to know that you have a pool, but you can't swim in it - what's the world coming to?

Angie said...

Don't give up! The Scrapbooking Pool Party Extravaganza MUST go on!!

Hey! I know...maybe if we drink enough margaritas at the extravaganza we won't even CARE if the pool's a little swampy. Brilliant!

Mary said...

You know, I completely agree with Kristen. Get that guy back out there!! Could you call the previous house owners for help?? Small town, everybody helps everybody right???