Sunday, September 7, 2008


After church today I went to the grocery store. I have pork chops and asparagus cooking as I type. Hubs and blonde rascal went and played a round of golf while I was shopping.

I have been sewing my fool head off this afternoon. The sewing room is coming along famously and I am close to posting pictures. It's fab. You'll love it!

I am also doing laundry and a little perturbed at the PTA. What is the connection you ask? Well every year the PTA designs a t-shirt to sell and the kids wear them on Fridays. This year the t-shirt is white. Whose idea was that for the love of all things stain free?

The first Friday I scrubbed mud from the playground off the blasted white t-shirt. This week it was strawberry milk. I guess I better sign up to be on the t-shirt committee next year.

Don't get me started on blonde rascal's white football pants. That is about the most asinine thing ever.

Hubs had a few guys over to rope this evening. While I was sewing one of the guys pulled up and unloaded his horse, as I was watching from the bird's eye view of my sewing room window. Josie is in the pasture in the front right by where the visitor horse was being unloaded. It was obviously a boy horse because Josie went into full on show off mode. She started running and bucking and kicking...just vying for the old boys attention.
Reminded me of myself while in high school when I saw a cute boy coming... flipping my feathered hair over my shoulder and applying a little Bonnie Bell lip smacker. Same thing really, just the equine version for Josie.

Speaking of my hair, which I am happy to say has not been feathered in years, it is getting cut off this week. I grew it out and now I am over it. I always repeat this stupid cycle of grow out/cut off. The only good thing about long hair is the ponytail. But that is only because I am lazy. I want the reverse bob or whatever it is called, longer in the front & shorter in back. Which in reality sounds like a reverse mullet, yes? I would love to color the long side pieces say pink, just for a little fun but hubs would probably faint. He is much too type A for that kind of craziness.

Yesterday was book club. This month's book was The Poisonwood Bible. Good so far, I am only about 1/2 way though. As a result of my not finishing I got flogged. You see, I attend a most rigid and academic book club. Bah!

Some of the girls were all worked up over this series:I mean they just went on and on. It was close to a Harry Potter type frenzy. So I ran out and bought the first 2 in the series. I can't wait.

The chops are ready. Bye!


Meredith said...

Ooh, sewing room pics AND new haircut pics???? POST POST POST!!

Mary said...

Yes, you have to show us the new "do"!