Monday, September 8, 2008

The List

Do you have a list? The list. A life list or whatever you want to call it. I have two lists. A stuff that would be fun to do and then a things I am going to do.

On my fun list would be ballroom dancing lessons, traveling around the U.S. in a pop-up camper, driving a monster truck, be on The Amazing know things that I don't necessarily actively pursue but wouldn't pass up if they came my way.

Then there is the list. The things that I will do.

For instance, surfing. I will take surfing lessons. Preferably in Hawaii whilst on a lovely vacay.

Then there is Italy. I will go to Italy. Hubs is not so in to international travel, so I might have to find an accomplice. You see hubs likes to feel in control or have a plan in most every situation. This is natural for his type A personality combined with the fact that he was a police officer for 19 years. Language barriers and cultural differences spell stress for hubs...but sound like the adventure of a lifetime to me.

To him, not being in control of a situation could likely result in peril. On the other hand to me not being in control could very likely result in entertainment...or exciting times!

We were in NYC catching a train at Penn Station and I though hubs was going to fall apart. He was a nervous wreck. I started to think I would need to get him a paper bag with him being on the edge of hyperventilating. We had no idea what we were doing, it was huge like an underground airport and there were people everywhere. But we had planned ahead and were like 2 hours what was the worse thing that could happen? I made him drink a beer to calm down. ("Made" is probably a strong word, he didn't need any encouraging!) He smooth wears me out. I thought it was a blast being all swept up in the NYC hustle. And we made the train with plenty of time to spare.

So while I would love to be dropped in the middle of Rome with my only worry being my next meal of pasta and wine, hubs would be a ball of nerves wanting to know the address of the restaurant. (But despite all of that, he is r-e-a-l-l-y sweet to me and I bet someday he will take me to Italy. I might be old and gray, but I will be in Italy.)

The other item on the list is one that I don't speak out loud too often. It is a huge commitment but it has been floating around in my mind for years. I knew I would do it, but have avoided taking the plunge. I am going to run a marathon.

It is painful to say that because 26.2 miles is a long, long, long ass way.

I can do it. I love running...just not THAT long. However all the things I love about running can be applied to 3 miles or 26.2 miles. It's 90% mental, mind over matter.

I needed a partner, a friend to do it with me. It just so happens that while at book club this weekend we discussed Staci's husband who is training for a triathlon. I said I was jealous.... except for the swimming and bike riding. Swimming is dang HARD work and bike riding hurts my bottom. Which leaves running.

Then the light bulb went off and I realized I had my running mate. I knew Staci ran back in the day before kids came into the picture.

So we said it...we did Staci... we said it out loud. 2010 is our year. We tossed around the Rock-n-Roll Marathon possibly in Seattle where it will not be hot in June. Whatever, 2010 is the year. Incidentally the year I turn 40. I am going to whip 40.

Right Staci? Staci??? She is going to act like she does not know me now!

So tell me, yes even all of you that read and then DON'T leave a comment, what is on your list? Be brave and say it out loud!!!


Mary said...

Brooke, that does not surprise me at WILL run a marathon. Probably will run several...I'm sure the first is the hardest, after you conquer that, there will be no stopping you!

Judi said...

I'm completely in awe of even the thought of you thinking about it! I couldn't run to my mailbox and back and you're talking about 26 miles?

You're the wind beneath my wings! Rock on Brooke!

Staci said...

Ack!!! Committment!