Friday, June 27, 2008

While YOU were sleeping...

....I was busy. I ran a 5K at 6:30 this morning. I don't mean get a t-shirt, people cheering 5K but just on my treadmill in my cozy sewing room. Air conditioning brings much joy to running. And actually I love my morning runs. It is more of a selfish pleasure than a sacrifice. It sounds all good, but really don't be impressed because it is my own little escape that I embrace.

BUT after that I had to tend to the flies. Yeah, you better believe we have flies. And I despise them. There are a zillion of them. This year we decided to try something new. It is called fly predators.

Here is the deal. You order these bugs, fly predators, and then sprinkle them in wet cow/horse poop. The fly predators eat the fly eggs, which coincidentally are laid in fly poop. Adult flies only live for a short time so the theory is you kill the eggs and the adults die and then no more flies. You do this monthly from like April ~ Sept. Of course EVERYONE in our neighborhood would have to do this to make it totally effective, but I am willing to try anything. The flies make me batty.
This is how the fly predators come. They are shipped in the larvae stage and start to hatch once you get them. They are teeny tiny, like gnats. You can see them in the right corner.

Hubs asked me to feed this morning. He had to hurry and get to the office, so he could get to the golf course. He was playing with "customers" of course. Ahem. So I decided to disperse the fly predators amongst the wet poop while I was out there. My life is so glamorous.

I like feeding the animals in the early morning light. They look so angelic.I am always greeted by a gaggle of hungry which I exclaim "Go eat some snakes, tarantulas and mice please!"

Until I see this little dolland I cave in and give the whole motley crew some cat chow.

These punks don't look so angelic,but then again I don't have to feed them. They are munching on some cotton seed.

I don't know, this guy is kinda cute huh?He is all 1985 with his one earring.

And then back to my early morning hunt for wet poop to dump fly predators in.......I didn't have to look far!

I then came inside and made this
for scrapbooking with my girls tonight. Sounds yummy and refreshing huh? It was easy too. AND I put a load of laundry in. So what did YOU do this morning, lazy bones?

Don't worry, I am now back to being a slacker. That fit of productivity wore off and now I am painting my toenails and drinking coffee.

Today is hubs b-day! Happy Birthday honey bunches!We celebrated last night because, umm, I have to go to scrapbooking tonight. NEEEEEEED to go. I had to miss last month and I just get downright cranky when I don't get to be with the girls.

Anyway we got hubs a "man rocker" for the porch off the barn. He is too manly to sit in my free wicker collection. His man rocker has cup holders on the arms. We also got him a small fridge for the barn. So he can enjoy and cold Dr. Pepper, water....or ummm beer while in his man rocker.

We have had a slow week. I felt like I did 65 loads of laundry. We went to the pool once, but for crying out loud gas is way too expensive to be driving hither and yon. So we did some fun stuff at home, which works for me because I like being a recluse.
I built a wicked cool engineering feat with Legos. It is a 2 story garage...can't you tell? I have some mad skillz. The problem I have with Legos now days is that you can only buy a themed set. You don't have a big selection of plain old Legos. You have weird car parts, or submarine pieces. I did the best I could with my garage made out of the side of a semi truck and a jail wall.

Mother nature also kept me busy this week. The tarantulas have come out, much to my dismay. Actually it is kind of a love/have relationship. I am eerily fascinated by seeing them...from a distance...but they also make my skin crawl.

Normally they just come out in the evening. However this one......camped out on our porch one day. Front porch right by the front door! It stayed in this weird position. Like it was laying eggs or something. Lord help me. I had this fear that someone would open the door and it would run in the house. So armed with a squirt gun and a broom I decided to move it off the porch.

I couldn't squirt it off the porch. They are too big to be intimidated stream of water. So I started to push it off with the broom. That was a chore, he did not want to move. By the time I got him into the grass, I was totally freaked out and screaming. Then I beat it with the broom until it was dead. I broke the broom in my beating frenzy. Whose idea was it for me to live out here in the wild?

The marine went back to San Diego last Tuesday. Blonde rascal and I left for church camp on Monday morning. The marine got up early Monday just to tell us bye. I got all choked up and teary. I am just so dang proud of him and what he is doing. He won't get leave again until probably Oct. He will be at combat training in CA. until the middle of July and then to some base in MO. to get his specialized training.

By the way, his drill instructor promised that our new little Private would for sure be up before dawn every day, while on leave, with his "rack" made and his room "squared away" .....ummm whatever. His room was a DISASTER and he slept until afternoon everyday!!! But I guess after 3 months of boot camp he deserved a little break.

Unlike boot camp, at least now he can call on the weekends. He called last weekend to say they had been playing with grenades all week and this week...rocket launchers. That is male heaven is what that is.

Well I rambled and now the toenails are dry and the coffee is gone. So I am off to the next exciting event of the day....vacuuming perhaps?


Anonymous said...

I so want to come tonight!!! You all have fun.

Anonymous said...

Man you had a LONG day yesterday. I had no idea. You make me ashamed of myself!! Let me know if the predator thing works. Do they eat Mosquitos too?? Cool camera work on the Lego picture. Yes, I noticed!
Lori E.