Sunday, June 22, 2008

Snake in the garage

First of all, I have no idea how this works, but try it. Amazing I tell you! My question is...who is the incredible math nerd who figures this stuff out?

Yesterday hubs called blonde rascal out to the garage. Then blonde rascal called me into the show me the SNAKE in the garage. Nice. I have a big problem with that. I mean sure I respect snakes in the wild, in their domain, but they really need to stay in the wild. It is just too much for me to take having them cross the line into MY domain.

Once we amassed all of the proper snake handling tools, it was down to snake eradicating business. Me with my camera, standing very far away from the action.

Hubs, armed with blonde rascal's....

...jr. golf clubs.

And most importantly, blonde rascal ready for battle with his bb gun and...
...a Clint Eastwood worthy scowl.

It was only a Bull Snake. They are "good snakes" because they eat other varmint pests. But let's be honest...a snake is a snake. Poisonous or not, big or small, makes no difference. They are freaky. They don't belong anywhere near my house.

Hubs then moves on to the next step in the removal, which involves the...
...pooper scooper.

Our (I use "our" loosely as my only involvement was in the photo taking) intent was to simply move the snake into the pasture. However once it was pooper scooped into the pasture, it came back......and it was pissed!

So we called in special forces......and mr. snake was a problem no more.

(Mary this is reason #1 why you let the males in your house have a bb gun!!)

My boy plays HARD all day and into the night. He is outside for 14 hours a day and in that time he will be sweaty, muddy, wet, bloody, covered in dirt and totally cute. So for the remainder of the summer any picture you see of him will be in his sanctioned "play" clothes which are all stained, have at least one hole and will be mismatched. Just so you know!

I survived church camp. It was fun, really fun. Who knew little girls were SO chatty and SO giggly? This was all foreign to me. Anyway, blonde rascal loved every minute of it and can't wait for next year.

I have to go put on my yard boy clothes and mow the yard...but I will leave you with pictures of the cutest kitten EVER.

I have mentioned that all 3 of our barn cats got knocked up by the neighborhood tom cat. Our neighbors took 7 of the kittens for their barn, praise God. The last litter was born around the 2nd week of May. We think there were 3 kittens born but only one made it. And that one is totally adorable...The kids named her Princess Oreo because the top of her head looks like an Oreo!

She is so cute and fat, she totally waddles when she walks. Just like the kittens in "The Aristrocats"
Since she is the only kitten drinking her mama's milk, she has a plump round belly. She really is painfully cute, but she comes by it naturally. Her mama Sandy is quite pretty...Pretty or not, Sandy is going to have to take it up a notch when it comes to catching snakes. We cannot have slackers on the ranch. Well, besides me.


kristen lewis said...

I have to say that the BR looks like he completely grew up in the last week. Maybe it is the haircut. I don't know. He just looks like a pre-teen holding that gun. Too cute!

I am glad that you survived camp. Tell the truth- you were right in the middle of the wedgies and pranks, weren't you?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back B.! I was all into the saving the snake and was just so proud of you guys until the end......I am so glad you survived church camp. Did you get your fill of girls and are now glad to be back in manville?? Can't wait to hear all the details.
Lori E.

Meredith said...

OH me my. I'm so glad you have a handsome and dead-eyed boy like BR to protect you!!

I adore that kitten!!

Mary said...

Well............some people don't need guns 'cause they don't board snakes in their garages!!

Mary said...

Sorry, forgot to say that I was completely impressed by Hub's choice of footwear as he was getting that snake!