Monday, June 23, 2008

"Dumpster Diving" Beverly Hillbillies style

My sweet sister-in-law is the queen of finding bargains. She is in the right place at the right time, is what I think. Luck. She will have some fantastic find in her house or be wearing something incredible and then say "do you really want to know what I paid for this?"....I always say yes and then go green with envy.

For example many years ago an upscale flower shop was going out of business. She was in there and saw this little leather club chair. She offered them something stupid like $10 and they said yes!!! It is all worn and shabby is PERFECT. I have coveted that chair for years.

I usually do not have that kind of luck. However, my ship came in this weekend. Saturday evening was gorgeous. Hubs, blonde rascal and I all got in the Gator and went for a drive. Around our neighborhood and then off in a cotton field just killing time.

(Yipee for the cotton farmers, the cotton is coming up!!! Those are your clothes growing in my backyard people!)
Hubs pulled up in this mass of trees and weeds...... to turn around.

In this mass of weeds and trees look what I see....

....Hark! Is that wicker????

Oh yes it was! I pulled out a wicker rocker. Imagine the luck! We load it in the Gator and took it home.

Sunday evening I took my fearless guide and went back to the wicker gold mine.
Due to the snake scare from the previous post, I donned my true redneck style...with long white socks and my shorts. I am nothing if not a fashionista.

We arrive at the wicker graveyard and I crawl through the brush to rescue my new patio furniture. All the while my little man was protecting me from snakes.I love that dude.

In true Clampett style we loaded it all up in the Gator.

Check it out!!It is all in perfectly good condition....and it is real wicker, no plastic!

I put it on the porch off of the barn for right now.The porch obviously needs, ahem, some work. Probably first of all some weed whacking!!!! There will also be some cushion making for my sweet wicker furniture. Free furniture rocks.


Stacey said...

A woo hoo! How fun is that?!!

Autum said...

Oh wow! You hit the jackpot there. I love how the blonde rascal is standing guard, protecting his mom.

Mary said...

You just never cease to amaze me. What else can I say? Don't even know!