Monday, October 18, 2010

Brain Drain.

I have nothing to say really, but I miss blogging so when I have nothing specific to say I think I will just ramble. Flush the brain, if you will.

Blogging is time consuming. Amen? Especially with pictures, that whole uploading thing is for the birds. So no pictures today.

I love this time of year. SO much. The cooler weather just makes my heart go pitter patter. Pumpkin scented candles are the best thing ever. The "fall back" time change? BRING IT! Although it seems like it is happening so much later in the year, did they change it? Dark at 6:00, love it. Candle burning, little lamps on all over the house, snug as a bug in our cozy home. Makes me happy!!

In wildlife news this week....I killed a snake with a hoe, got stung by a wasp on my finger (which incidentally in case you are wondering, a scorpion sting hurts worse than a wasp) and we were woken up in the ungodly wee hours Sunday morning by the outside dogs incessantly barking at something that was growling.

When we were leaving for church, the silly doggies greeted us with porcupine quills in their muzzles.

Sunday afternoon was spent wrestling dogs to the ground and yanking quills out with pliers. Well, hubs and blonde rascal did that. I have a weak stomach and cannot partake in activities like that.

I am going to decorate for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving!!! Although I'll probably not put up the tree until the day after T-day. I love Christmas decor and it just really sucks to put it up after T-day and then take it down 3 weeks later. Last Christmas was our first in this house but we went to TN for Christmas so I pretty much only put up the tree last year. Christmas decor in a new house, that's exciting! So that's that.

I bought a Spanish nativity while we were in Mexico. Love it, a lot.

Equally riveting, I bought panty hose this weekend. I think it has been 10 years, if not more, since I bought/wore panty hose.

**We lived in Cleveland for a few years during my teen years(Dad's job transfer, and then back to Houston) where panty hose are referred to as nylons. Likewise in the south carbonated beverages are all lumped together and called "Coke" and in the north "pop".... you guys vs. y'all. Yankee/southern folk language barriers, that's a good topic for another day, yes?**

I did not buy them to wear. Does anyone still wear them? Obviously someone does, because CVS had a stellar selection, I must say. I bought them to cover the cracked pool strainer basket which allows leaves and crap to go through the basket and then into the strainer in the pool pump which then slows down the filtering process thereby making the pool green and the vacuum not work and generally pissing me off in a big way AND pool strainer baskets cannot be bought in this small town they have to be ordered, meaning at this point in the game I will just buy panty hose(nylons) and get a new basket next summer.

How do you feel about run on sentences?

Pinky swear to me that you will never lose your mind and have a pool put in your yard? Or in our case, buy a house with a pool already there. Please save yourself. However, it does feel reeaally good to jump in the pool after mowing the grass in July. Fully clothed right from the mower to the pool. I think honestly the best option would be to have a pool boy. A pool boy AND a yard boy. I'll work on that, and a new strainer basket, for next summer.

I am going to make 2 quilts as Christmas gifts this year. However I am going to make a wall hanging and finish another quilt BEFORE I start the gifts. I said it out loud so I am now accountable.

OK just one picture. Because well, that dang weenie dog is so cute.

The men folk were roping yesterday afternoon and Missy was doing what she does best....bossing. Bossing the steers, horses, humans, other dogs, cats.... the world is hers. She rules it in no uncertain terms. Thank the heavens above that she sleeps inside because had she been outside with that porcupine? Her crazy vicious little sassy weenie self would have fought to the death and she would have been covered head to toe with quills.

All righty then, I feel lighter now letting all that worthless information out! Off to turn on the pool vacuum. Praying to the pool gods that we can put the cover that S.O.B. this week. Sorry, but I'm keeping it real this morning. Stream of consciousness thing.

Now please leave a comment, if anyone has really stayed with me this far in this ridiculous post. Leave a comment telling me when the last time you wore panty hose was OR if you have an extra pool strainer basket you could send me OR if you have ever been stabbed by a porcupine quill OR admitting that my weenie dog is cuter than your dog.


trish said...

You crack me up! :o) By the way, where I am from (and not currently living) we call them nylons too, and thank the heavens above, that we don't have to wear them anymore! :o) And here is one for you. Around here, there is super and there is dinner. I have no idea which is which. Where I am from, lunch is served at noon, and dinner after dad gets in from work! :o) So when I am asked for super or dinner, I always have to clarify what time that means. :o)
You little Missy is way too cute! :o)
Never been stung by a wasp.
Never been stung by a scorpion.
Never been hit with quills either!
You are living the dream!!! :o)
Glad you posted. I always love reading your blog! :o)
Good luck with the pool! :o)

Glenda in Florida said...

I wore pantyhose to a wedding in June. First time in about 10 years! I don't have a dog, but your dog is real cute. I don't run into porcupines arround here, but I did have a run in with four little armadillos the other day. Oh, and I don't have a pool, so no strainer. I really enjoy your blog.

Foresterclan said...

I made it to the end! Can't remember when I wore nylons last... probably when I was on the praise teams at church.

Quilting up a storm here.... waiting for my mom to arrive with my latest fabric order.... Don't know what is better... seeing mom or getting fabric. ;)

Trying to finish one project before I start the next is a challenge!!!

Gay said...

You had me REALLY worried. I thought you were going to actually wear those "nylons". Remember we are still trying to get your MIL in to the "NO HOSE CLUB". Love ya

Mary said... know it's going to be me. Miss always freezing cold. Yes, I actually wore pantyhose tonight, under my wool slacks, socks and boots. So there!!!! And my dog is cuter than your dog! :)

fiberdoodles said...

I just loved your post! I love the ramblings of others as it makes me feel like I'm not alone ;0)

Your weenie dog is just adorable but I am really, really partial to my snaggle-tooth yorkie. Plus he would growl at me if I said like wise (eek).

Sorry, no extra pool basket here. For that matter no pool and no pool boy (dang it).

Panty hose ~ now that's a dirty word! I wrestled with a pair back in February for a funeral. First time in ten plus years ~ yep I swore never to make that mistake again. Funeral or no funeral. Of course as soon as I said that there was another funeral. But thank goodness it was July and well, it's not cool to wear panty hose in the heat of July in the south now is it.

Ah porcupines and quills ~ ah no! I think I'll save that experience at the bottom of my list thank you very much ;0)

Lori E. said...

Oh B., I just happen to stop by to see if you have blogged. Love the Mexico blog and love this one. No, I have not worn hose in soooo long. I always wore panties too, with them. Are they called panty hose, because they are suppose to double as both?? Answer me that riddler! Although Missy is adorable, she does not hold a candle to my Ranger dog. Boo to the days getting dark sooner also. Not with you on that one. With you on the Christmas decor, just go for it!! The pool, I cannot not be talked out of wanting a pool oh so badly. Also....did you kill a good snake? Bull snakes keep away the bad have forgotten all I have taught you grasshopper. Who said run on sentences?