Sunday, October 31, 2010

I was in the quilty shack today!

I wasn't sewing though.I was using these. Don't worry, all of my digits are still attached.

I SHOULD have been sewing, but alas I was rearranging. I need to go to furniture re-arrangers anonymous. Seriously. Last week in Sunday School I suggested we rearrange the furniture. So we did. It is like if I feel the furniture would work better a different way, it will just eat away at me until it is done. Freak show, I know.

So some ideas had been lurking around in my head about the optimal layout in the quilty shack and they had to be acted haste.

I'll try to take pics tomorrow for a little reveal.

Here is Alvin on the quilty shack porch...Nothing says sewing room more than a napping cat on a quilt right?

There was a bake sale at blonde rascal's school last week. I made chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. Oh my.

The cookie dough inside ends up not raw but not cooked either....sort of in between the two. Delightful I tell you. Kids go nuts for them. I got the recipe here. Only difference being I used a cake mix, canned frosting and that Pillsbury break apart cookie dough.

Last night was the rowdy, sugar crazed, exhausting fall festival at blonde rascal's school. Is it just me? I can't wait for that thing to be OVER every year.

Here is B.R. and his buddy the grim reaper. B.R. was an FBI agent. See his little secret agent ear piece? Seriously, we go all out around here.

Gosh, looks like our brave agent is taking out a sniper in the school gym rafters or something.

By the way all you people with daughters, check out this costume....
It was Volleyball Barbie. So cute. The shower thing was fun too.

In other news, we adopted another stray kitten.
Scrappy. Look at that cute little booger. We take all the barn cats we can get. Barn cats= less snakes. Amen.

Look who is driving the tractor?
Yes, he is 10. Yes, that would be his father who let him do that. His mother was in the house and unaware that her baby was driving a large farm implement.

And here he is driving cattle!
Or pushing them or moving them or whatever it is called.

My goodness I love that boy.


Gay said...

Please be very careful. You will have lots of gray hair just trying to put up with both of those boys--yes I know one is OLD but he is still a boy. Love ya.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Brooke! I have missed your posts. Please drain your brain more often because your brain is very interesting. You are a very enjoyable writer even if it's just about pantyhose.

Lovin' the Barbie costume. Will show to Baby Bee ASAP (she's in bed) to see if she's interested for next year. Great costumes!

Lori E. said...

Brooke, love Zach on a horse. I bet that makes dad very happy. Cute costumes! Love the bench on the quilty shack front porch and I cannot have that recipe in our house! It looks really good. You always have to out do everyone

fiberdoodles said...

Oh I love power tools! But I'm not aloud to use them ~ it creates more work for dh (ha). That Barbie costume is a scream. Cute kitty's ;0)

Val said...

Your blog is very adorable.