Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow, dogs, kid...and lots of laundry

FINALLY we got some snow. I know the rest of the country is cursing the snow at this point, but I have been waiting for this. We woke up Thurs. morning to 4" of snow. School was delayed 2 hours, so Blonde Rascal wasted no time getting outside.It was a wet heavy snow, the pretty kind that sticks to everything.

I have titled the following picture...
"Please God let it freeze solid and go away"

Blonde Rascal could not have been more thrilled with the weather conditions.

Likewise the dogs enjoyed frolicking.

Bianca stayed on task as usual, despite the fluffy stuff...
"Must. Herd. Horse."

Our newest addition, Jake (the Australian Shepherd that showed up at our house a few weeks ago and after checking with the pound for a searching owner, we could not turn his lovable self away) was beside himself.
He is slightly A.D.H.D and the largest sugar lump personality I have ever seen. He thrives on lovin'.

Of course it goes without saying that the most entertaining part of the 4" snow was the minature weenie dog with 3" legs.

"Missy, where are you?"

There was no walking through the snow for her. No sir, it required more of a flopping, bucking motion.

Speaking of flopping, check out those ears...

Because she had to plow through the snow, it completely stuck to her.
She was the abominable snow weenie.

Good times for sure. Except that B.R. changed wet clothes 3x's that morning, 2 more that afternoon. And now, now it is mud. Which requires ridiculous use of the washing machine. Additionally I will mention that Missy has had three baths in as many days. Oh well, snow and mud are what little boys (and their dogs) thrive on, right?

Hope everyone it having a great V-Day with their loved ones. My two favorite fellas and I went to church this morning and are now spending a leisurely Sunday together.

Tomorrow is a school holiday and we are going to the big city for teeth cleanings and then an orthodontist appt. Blonde Rascal is somewhat irritated that his holiday is chocked full of dental appointments. Poor kid, rough life.

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Mary said...

You should have called...would have loved to have seen you. Still waiting for you to tell me when you're coming to do lunch with us!! Good thing you have that fancy, schmancy, washing machine to keep up!!