Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just another brick in the wall

The unfortunate faux brick/vine/grape situation in my dining room and breakfast room had just about driven me over the edge.

The time had come to eradicate all the brick/vine/grapes. I fell in love with the green wall color at Daisy Cottage . Luckily the generous Kim of Daisy Cottage so kindly shares the colors in her house! I knew that green was exactly what I wanted.

The other item I had been drooling over for months were these Waverly curtains from Target.So there it was, the inspiration for my dining room make over ...wall color and curtains.

Hubs obviously was so tired of hearing me whine about it loves me so much that he let me hire professional to sand out the brick disaster and mud/texture the walls. Yippee!

I then painted the walls Daisy Cottage green, which I have to say I am in love with.

I took an old dresser from the Marine's room and painted it black.

Then I bought this little number on Craigslist...I love me some Craigslist. It is like a crack addiction.

The only thing missing was the curtains. Sure they were "affordable" at Target...but they were even MORE affordable when I found a pair on E-bay! The only thing was they were too short.

In honor of the Nester I of course performed some mistreatments of the window!
A little extra fabric and some dingleberry trim and I had curtains that were indeed long enough.
All is right with the world now, my dining room no longer has faux bricks.


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!!!! You are just too talented. You should have blogged about what happened down the street on Saturday, should have brought your camera. You make me want to have curtains!!!!
Lori E.

judi said...

PaLeeeze come and do my house! I adore the green and black....... you rocked the decisions!

Mary said...

Can't wait to see!

Anonymous said...

Perplexing, it is, that you would blog so beautifully on the 12th day of July with no mention of BIL. Would you wax and wane on July 4 with no thought of the Red, White, and Blue and Black Cats? Would you enjoy Sunday brunch on Mother's Day with no mention of dear old Mom? Would you worship on Easter with no thought toward the resurrection? Would you wear a puffy white body suit with no regard for the Michelin Man or leather chaps without thought toward the Marlborough Man? I think not.

It is travesty to pontificate on July 12 with no mention that BIL, while celebrating, is younger than hubs.

kristen lewis said...

You are so stinking talented. I am afraid that we can no longer be friends, as I am now intimidated by you.

Meredith said...