Sunday, May 18, 2008

Teaching the old dog new tricks

I am the old dog.

Here is my new trick.Isn't she pretty?

I had been tossing around the idea of getting a big girl camera. Reading reviews. Paying attention to blogs that spoke of their photography hobby. My little HP point and shoot does a fine job... but is obviously lacking the ability to perform advanced photography. I saw a commercial a few weeks back for this Canon and said to hubs "I want that camera for Christmas!" However hubs apparently checked the calendar and realized the more pressing gift giving occasion was Mother's Day!

I have been studying this......because this camera will do everything imaginable. Everything imaginable that is totally and completely over my head. This dummies book is even a stretch for my little brain. I need a book for idiot, blind, illiterate and armless photographers. There is just so much this camera will do, it will take years to process all the information.

My parents were in town for Mother's Day weekend. Thankfully, because my dad has always enjoyed tinkering with photography. So he helped me at least figure out how to....turn it on!!!!

My first subject was...
....Val the cat in all of his glory. I love photos with the blurred background, so Dad helped me with all the buttons, knobs and ISO settings (I think that's what it was) to achieve this. The camera has so many controls and options, I think it can make margaritas and pull weeds in the flower bed if you want it to.

By the way, Val wants you to go ahead and admit that he looks totally regal in this picture. He is so vain.

Hubs is attending a conference in Phoenix this week. Guess who is going with him? Oh ya baby, mama is going too! I'll be here if you need me. That is right, lounging by the pool on my big white boo-tay. Reading any assortment of... my current book, a People magazine and no doubt my "dummies" book. Oh and probably summonsing the cabana boy to bring me another Tequila Sunrise. Hubs will be in meetings most of the day...what else am I supposed to do?

The combination of my new camera, the dummies book and a fruity drink will ensure lots of practice photography on unsuspecting fellow hotel guests while at the pool. At the very least some good blog fodder will be the natural result of all that. Or getting kicked out of the hotel. Either way it will be most entertaining for me.

Blonde rascal unearthed some of the Marine's cologne while in the bathroom this morning brushing his teeth before church. He put a "little" on. Cough. Oh well, I guess Sunday School is as good a place as any to start wooing the ladies.

I have a list a mile long of errands to accomplish tomorrow. Some sunscreen with a SPF of at least 485 is on the list for sure. Phoenix is going to be brutal I bet. My kind MIL is staying with blonde rascal while we are gone, so add to the list a "house guest worthy" cleaning effort! Hubs was out of town all weekend and I pretty much mastered loafing around. Now, the time has come to clean up the casa and check my list twice so I can go fast and furious tomorrow!


kristen lewis said...

I am jealous for so many reasons. . . Have fun!

Lori E. said...

I am with Kristen. I am coveting my neighbors camera, trip and life basically....I am going to have to pray for forgiveness. I will have to say that you are VERY deserving of all your blessings. Did you notice that I am no longer anonymous?

Mary said...

Did you hear that it was 116 today in Phoenix???!!! No joke!!! I should be going......not you! You're going to melt! Ha,ha,ha,ha
By the way, I want the camera too........I still have the 35mm with FILM!

Judi said...

Oh, I wish, I wish, I wish my husband had meetings important enough for hotels and pools an cabana boys.


(I hope you have a fun, slow paced, relaxing & romantic time!)