Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hotter than heck

Hubs and I had a relaxing time in Phoenix. The day BEFORE we arrived, thank goodness, it was like 115 degrees. Ouch. When we landed on Tues. morning it was 105. Yikes.

Here is the golf course where Hubs played Weds. morning. The high Weds. was only 95. While Hubs hit the links, I vegged at the pool. I met two other ladies while lounging. We started chatting, hit it off and then ordered a pitcher, or two honestly, of margaritas poolside. Good times!

I did not take pictures while at the pool. IF I had, then I would have titled my photos "Why bikinis should have a weight limit"...seriously ladies take a good look at yourself before you go out in public in a bikini. Ewww. Actually, I did not take pictures at the pool because I was too busy with my margarita did not want my camera to melt in the vicious heat.

There were frequent dips in the pool to cool off. I bought some sunscreen I really liked. It is Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 30. I slathered it on every 6 minutes, yes I'll admit my paranoia, and not a hint of sunburn. Plus it was not greasy. Go buy.

Thurs. the weird weather that hit parts of the nation, hit Arizona. It was cloudy and in the low 70's. What? That was a lazy, nap taking, book reading day for me, while hubs was attending some conference sessions. Friday morning when we left it was like 55 degrees. What, what, what????? Who'd of thought you would need a jacket in late May in Phoenix!!

I did get to play with my camera, just not at the pool. Right outside our balcony the palm trees were getting haircuts.These dudes climbed up the very tall palm trees with chain saws attached to their belts. Chopped off some palms, repelled down and then climbed up the next tree. I sat on our balcony fascinated, by the whole process, like some kind of silly tourist.

The roses and desert flowers were gorgeous.
Props to MIL who stayed at our house with blonde rascal. Not only did she wrangle blonde rascal and all of his school activities...she fed 4 horses, 10 barn cat/kittens, 2 dogs and lastly 2 indoor of which needs an insulin shot once a day! Whoa...what a woman! That may be the last time she ever babysits for us!!

Early Tues. morning, at like 2am, the Marine begins his final test. It is called The Crucible. It is a 54 hour hike...with only 8 hours of sleep and 3 meals. It is the culmination of all of their training. It will be physically, mentally and emotionally grueling. Once they have conquered the Crucible, then they receive the Eagle, Globe and Anchor pin and officially go from being a recruit to a Marine. He will graduate on June 6th. We leave Sat. for San Diego. We will have a few days of vacation and then Family Day, which is the first day we will get to see the Marine, at the base is on Thurs. followed by Graduation on Friday. We are so incredibly proud of him and can't wait to see him.

Pray for him as he takes on this huge final challenge!

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and I do believe some yard work will be in order. Bummer yes, but totally necessary!


Meredith said...

Oh I am jealous of your trip!! Especially the margarita part!! Have a good time with your yard work and good luck with the marine test!!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Good luck to the marine. Enjoy San Diego it's beautiful!!!