Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Summer Time

School has been out for one week. Bliss. This momma loves summer. I love not having a to stick to a stringent schedule and necessary bedtimes and homework. Last day of school, blonde rascal getting his honor roll medal. That's right my boy has it all, brains and good looks.

Now I must get you caught up on all the riveting occurrences that you really should know about...

*I had to laugh because I got some comments on my last post from people who had considered putting in a pool, and I have caused them to ponder on that idea. Here is the standard that you must accept if you decide to put in a pool... you have to digest and know as the gospel truth that it IS expensive and the upkeep is time consuming... always, every summer, no breaks. If you think the payoff is worth sinking your money and time into.....then go for it. If not then join a country club, neighborhood pool or make friends with other poor schmucks who have pools. Come visit me and swim to your hearts desire!

*Elmo is a baby daddy.

Sassy is the baby mama.
A fine couple, yes? They had 4 pretty babies. More on that later. We still can't catch the little rascals in order to photograph their cute selves.

*In April I went on a weekend quilt retreat with our local quilt store and it was dreamy.
Between LOTs of eating and laughing, I did get some work done. I'll show ya later.

*We took blonde rascal and his BFF to Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas for his 11th birthday.

My baby boy is 11?

He is my greatest joy in life.
In a fit of laughter on the floor, above. He is regular character, that one.
How is he big enough to be shooting guns?

Blonde Rascal's birthday is May 9th, which always hits on or near Mom's Day.
Which is fine with me. I mean, what better way to celebrate Mother's Day than with the little man who made me a mom?
Eleven? Yet in my mind, he will always be like this....
So, we were in Dallas for b.r.'s birthday and Mother's Day. On Sunday, Mother's Day the boys took me to Bass Pro Shop.Just exactly how many fishing lures and varieties of bullets are there? Painful is what that was.

That is all for now. I must go make elaborate plans our Father's Day trip to Dallas where we will be shopping at the largest quilt store Dallas has to offer....


Lori E. said...

I am catching up on blogs....I refuse to believe the tales about your pool. I still WANT ONE!! I cannot believe BR is 11. He has the best parents in the world!! :)

Linda said...
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