Monday, August 24, 2009

1st Day

Summer abruptly came to a halt this morning. It was interrupted by the first day of fourth grade.

Blonde rascal was being disagreeable and not wanting to smile for the camera before we left for school. I think he was still asleep...he could hardly stay awake for breakfast.

Until I told him I would ground him for 2.5 years unless he smiled....then I got the ultra cheesy smile....

So off we went to a new school, in a new town. We waltzed into his classroom, blonde rascal cool as a cucumber. No fear. His teacher was perfect. Super nice and outgoing, welcomed him right in.

I left him, got into the car...and cried a few tears. A bundle of Mommy emotions came can he be in 4th grade already, I hope he makes friends, is he nervous....

I went back for lunch. It is a tradition that the school board grills burgers for all the kids and parents on the first day. Benefit of going to a tiny school! He was playing with the kids and interacting like he had been there for years.

Thank you Jesus!

On the way home from school I was asking him about his day. He told me all about it and then said "I like it better than Bennett" ....which is his previous school that we loved with all our hearts. Of course his reasoning behind liking his new school better was that he felt like the classes were shorter (they switch rooms for some classes) AND they could take their shoes off after lunch! Whatever the reasoning, I was so elated and thrilled that he liked it.

I started off the new year by kissing up to the teacher....

A cute chalkboard glass from Pier One, that was ridiculously affordable at like $3, and some sunflowers.

To cheer ourselves up with the first day of school looming, I made this cake yesterday.
I got the recipe from Meg's blog. I big puffy heart her blog!

It was time consuming....lots of dishes to do. But it is so fun to look at and yummy too!


Mary said...

That's about the look that I got from my 4th grader.

Tricia Anne said...

What a fun first day of school! :o) Our open house was last night, for the middle school, and it was neat to walk down the different halls and recognize so many faces. :o) The charm of a small town. :o)
Your blog looks adorable!
Have a great day!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Amy said...

Glad he's off to a great start in 4th grade! Luckily my girls had a great day as well - keeping my fingers crossed that the year passes along without too much drama?

The cake looks so yummy!! My kids would flip over that! I need to give it a try.

Stacey said...

Great pics! And, yummo cake! Love it. Great to see you the other night.

Lori E. said...

I am so glad you blogged about it, I was dieing to know how it went. Of course he was great, he has wonderful parents!! I love,love,love his shirt!! What is the girl to boy ratio? I hope there is an even ratio, or he will be beating the girls off constantly and that may be exhausting to the boy!! Still hate that you are not here, but so happy that you all are happy!!

Meredith said...

The kids looks as cool as a cucumber...glad it was a great day!! (And what a lovely first day present for the teacher. You are so good at making special goodies like that!!)