Saturday, January 10, 2009

Uhh...ohhh. I am in trouble now

Small town living lesson to be learned #1.... everyone knows everything.

The very day last week that hubs got the commercial building permit for his car lot, a reporter from the newspaper, The Snyder Daily News, called him to ask a few questions.

Yesterday that story was on the front page of the esteemed Snyder Daily News. (Slow news day?)

There were "kin folk" (you know, relatives) calling my MIL asking if that was her son moving to Snyder. It seems hubs has a handful of distant relatives in Snyder.

Heaven help me. I am going to have to keep my antics and foolishness on the down low. Or else I'll be in the paper and my MIL will get phone calls. I am going to have to stay locked up in my sewing cottage instead of painting the town red.

On to a different subject....after 2 days of looking for the remote control for the tv in the living room, I am relieved to say we found it. In the artificial Christmas tree storage bag, that was already packed and ready to store for the year. Whew, that was a close call.

A special shout out to my girls, my girls that I adore more than life itself, who are acting morose like I will never see them again! I have told them me moving will be like nothing has changed. It is only a 1.5 hour drive to Lubbock and I will always have a place to stay, with MIL, if I need to spend the on scrapbook night!

Remember that I am moving to a town of 10,000. There is no Target, no SteinMart, no Super WalMart (there is a plain WalMart...but I have my standards), no quilt shop. I will still be going to my dr. and dentist in Lubbock, going to my quilt clubs, book club and most of all heaven knows I WON'T be getting my hair cut in any small town beauty shop!!!! So you will still see me, lots of me! I lurve you girlies!

I bet when the big town scrapbook girls come to Quilty Chick's house for slumber parties that WILL make the newspaper! Yeehaw, can't wait! MIL will have to take her phone off the hook those weekends!

***Disclaimer***I don't totally mean to dis my new hometown(in case the newspaper has found my blog). I have done some shopping research during many of our trips to Snyder. There is a bitchin' cool antique-junk store. A huge ancient rambling building that goes on for ever and you wonder if the floor might cave in at any point. It is stuffed full of enough treasures to keep me wondering around in there for the next 20 years. On the square, yep the small town square, there is a kind of a cool little coffee shop (it's no Starbucks, but it will do), a scrapbook store, the token small town pricey gift shop (where all the local girls do their wedding registries) which honestly had really cool stuff and a small craft mall type shop. The only down side is I am not real sure on clothing stores....small town clothing stores will most likely be scary. I will have to drive to Lubbock to keep my Target wardrobe in tact.


Tricia Anne said...

Are you sure you are not moving to my town? It sounds just like where I live! :o) I did however find a fantastic salon! :o)

EVERYONE here is kin! :o)

Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

The Pottsie Four said...

Holy Snapple! Snyder? Really? This is all news to me, as is the existence of your extraordinarily hysterical blog (thank you Staci and Stacey). And I'm thinking, as a fellow book clubbie, I should've known about this! But then, book club's been ridiculously sporadic at best this last year and I've hardly seen you. No worries though. I've got it all worked out for 2009. And it involves a "crash Brooke's new cottage and sip margaritas, uh, tea I mean, while sunning ourselves in the pool and maybe talk about the book for 5 minutes road trip" type thing. Rock on Snyder, TX. Rock on.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

WOW can you imagine if my town newspaper got a hold of my blog?? LOLOL I'd get thrown outta town.
Good luck to you on your move.

Lori E. said...

OK, I should have read your blog before asking any more questions. I feel a little bit better with the reassurance that you will be back for your "clubs" and Target, yes it does rock indeed, the breakfast club will be the hardest for you to make. Hubs will have to take BR to school and you will have to leave at 7 in the am. YOU can do it. And of course we can e-mail and texted you....which you never tire of. :>}

Mary said...

I love this new look! You are so talented!